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The FinReg Pod

Feb 10, 2021

GameStop has captured the public’s imagination in a way no other finance-related story has since the financial crisis. In this special double episode, we cover GameStop and its broader implications from all angles. In part one, Ty Gellasch discusses the potential legal liability some of the folks on Reddit’s Wall Street Bets forum may be facing, the issues around clearing and settlement as well as payment for order flow, and what GameStop means for an already crowded SEC agenda under President Biden. Ty is the executive director of Healthy Markets Association and a nonresident fellow at the Global Financial Markets Center. In part two, you’ll hear the audio from a live virtual event that features several Duke Law faculty members discussing what happened with GameStop and RobinHood and answering student questions. If you’re less familiar with the details on what happened with GameStop, you may want to skip ahead and first listen to the faculty discussion.